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How about:
*Downey, Your Butt Is Perfect!
*Denials You Believe In: Portland
*DEATH YOUTH BIRTH INFINITY PASSION (a blog about pretentious-ass '90s alt-rock)
*This is not a Fugazi T-Shirt

I don't quite follow the Portland one, but grand effort! Very formidable submissions!

New front-runners:

*Dear, Your Breath is Poison
*Dunk Your Biscotti in Poems
*Dank Yurts Breed Infected Polyps

They're all quite topical.

Also, further comments implying that Mr. Downey's perfection is limited to certain aspects of his person will be removed promptly, or edited liberally.

Consider yerselves warned.

I meant it to be like a CSI:[Your Town Here] thing. It originally featured the name of our hometown but I figured you wouldn't want to show up on that Google search.

More attempts:

*Down Yer Bracket, I Punched! [a reference to a Boyracer album.]
*Desert Your Boyfriend In Pittsburgh
*Don't "Yarr!", Buddy. I'm a Pirate!
*Donny, Your Brother Is a Prick (dedicated to the misdeeds of Marky Mark).

Do Your Best, In Principle
Do You Believe In Participles?
Did Yesterday Bruise In Places?
Don't You Break Into Pieces.

or maybe you could do ~~~V~~~V~~~V~~~

Ahaha! I must need a nap. Aaron's #3 and #4 almost made me tear up.

"dirty young boys in panties"

i think you will attract a whole new readership to your blog with that one.

or, to keep all topical with the end of the quarter:

"don't you blow in paper-writing"

that last word might be a cheating word.

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