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Little do you know that I read your blog too. Though I often go straight from yours to Jade's, which, I don't know, makes it sort of like this is Jade reading your blog?

Also, I had no idea what that '25 things' phenomenon was, and suddenly everyone was already sick of it. Saves me the trouble!

A few things:
lastly, 'I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth!'
firstly, is that the beyonce song about putting a ring on it? you know if you like it then you gotta put a ring on it... and she's got that glove and dances all around in non-reality space? cuz I gets that song in my head way to often.
and secondly, my mom wants to sign up for facebook and of course kiki is mortified and afraid she is gonna spy on her. LOL. funny.
that's all.

Ahaha! Are you referencing the original, or the cover? At your bro's record release show, Stern was amazed by how many "Incompetent" originals I could call to mind. Hee hee.

Yes, THAT would be the video. My friend Chris and I put it on and wiggle around the office like the awkward white people we are whenever we need a lift.

My parents are totally on facebook, posting embarrassing pictures, friending my friends. I dig it, it keeps me honest. AND it's hilarious.

Oh, and I'm totes gonna go friend your sister now. Hope I can track Beth down!

YES, 25 things in narrative form! brilliant.

less brilliant, me, reading your shout-out a month late.

you make yourself out to having the world's worst taste in music, but really, i had apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrrr, da whole club was lookin at hurrrrrrr stuck in my head for like an hour this morning. AND I LIKED IT.

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