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Does this mean you don't want a copy of my "Can I Haz Parachute?" World Trade Center pictures?

As long as it doesn't involve cruelty to animals, it's all cool.

I bet that little shit's parent's operate the squirrel catapault. For serious though, and not directly related to this photo, I've reached the point where whetever crazy, illegal shit people do to animals should count, in the eyes of the law, the same as though it were a human, probably an infant.

I'm gonna make LOLkidz the new thing. E.g., photograph a lion biting a female infant's head off with the caption, "I CAN HAZ BABY RUTH?"

Okay, that's really effin' sick. But goes to show how the above LOLcat makes someone feel for whom her kitty is the closest thing she will ever have to a child.


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