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LOL, I'm calling you doctor or professor (that is the more prestigious title here, but I guess you will have to be one for me to call you that, will you be one? I'll call you it anyway, just between us).
Also that sounds like the opposite of my holidays/post holidays, you know because I have like 5 friends (some of who have now moved away or are just gone for fieldwork) and no family. Yup, no small talk here. I didn't miss it either (but I feel ya, been 'der)
Next year you can come here and have xmas in summer and then you won't have to talk to anybody (except me, and it won't be small talk ;)
BTW, what exactly are you doing in school? :-P

But seriously, you're not going to call yourself doctor, are you? 'Cuz I do hate that.

Yes, I am. I don't like Miss or Ms. I like Dr. Though it will usually just be on my mail. Students will call me "Professor Thelizabeff," and colleagues will (continue to) call me "incompetent idiot."

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