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It's "skeina".

chances are it is actually a hank (those are the ones twisted together that need to be balled). a skein can usually be 'pulled' from the middle (and only re-re's that don't know this ball them).
love, your little knitting nerd

ps one scoop of wtf for me please :D
pps remember when you had that one job where you couldn't say re-re or anything of that nature and you would come home and say it uncontrollably. lol, that was great.

I confess, I read "1. Some dude is unwinding and balling his girlfriend-" and girded myself for some snarky observations about public or semi-public sex.

Pervert with a short attention span I guess. Oh well.

Me too. I had to read it several times.

I apologize for confusing syntax.

And I accept your apologies for dirty minds and poor reading comprehension.


Em oh lei: I still ball them, not because you have to, but because the balls take up less space. And I like the aesthetics of baskets filled with balls of yarn. Better-lookin'.

Oh I am such a loser.

you decorate with yarn, you're a nerd.

(i restrain from making any sort of ball/balls comment... restrain... restrain. restrained.)

C'mon. Just say it.


That reminds me, they must show plenty of the Aussie Open in New Zealand! YOU should blog the Australian Open for me. I don't have cable, and all I can do is beg at sportsbars and watch the stats change on the website. BOoooooo.

they don't... not without a dish! the only tennis they show is the stupid ASB cup or whatever the nz tournie was... The women's was pretty good, but COME ON!!!

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