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best post ever

Is that a food allergy bracelet on his right arm? Do you think he carries around one of those heart-stabbing epi-pens? (Robot voice) "this-ALWAYS-happens-WHEN-i-EAT-shellfish..."

jzn: LOL! Surely you say so a) because of how I demonstrate my vast knowledge of human genetics, and b) above photo of Helena.

Los: LOL! These days it seems he's probably allergic to food, generally.

Paul Banks, whatever else he may be, is disqualified from your "most shaggable bloke not to be British" contest.

:::rolls eyes:::

You really think *I* don't know where he was born? Just because I don't know who he's sleeping with (well, I do now) doesn't mean I have not done my research. Point is, he's about as British as I am.

Far as I'm concerned, if he doesn't start each sentence with "Al'right then gub'nor" or "What's 'is then?", he's not British. Because that's how British dudes are, right?


Fine, you win. Clearly he is Minnesotan:

I’m nuts about a guy called Knut Hamsun. He won the Nobel Prize for literature for a book called The Growth Of The Soil, which is mindblowing. There’s Hunger, a bad-ass story of a starving artist, one called Pan, one called Mysteries, one called The Last Joy. Now I’m trying to find more of his stuff. I’m also trying to read Melville’s Moby-Dick, which I’ve been trying to read for years.

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