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You lost all your "mables"? Good thing you're heading to Chicago, mables grow on trees here.

I meant marlbaros. I lost my cigarettes. yes, I keep my cigarettes in a marble sack.

P.S. You're mean.

No. I'm not mean, I'm just concerned about Mable.

Mable and I always have the best conversations...I mean just last weekend I says to Mable, I says...

Oh forget it, I'm mean. And I was really stretching with that joke.

But seriously, Chicago is stretching its broad shoulders to give you big hugs. I hear there's even talk of building a mountain range with breathtaking views of an ocean in order to make you feel more at home.

It was either mountains/view/ocean or another Starbucks; it was definitely one of the two.


I agree. Well, through my tears, all I could read was "Oh forget it, I'm mean." I'm sure the rest is as reasonable.

LOL! Like I cry. And like if I would cry, I would cry "tears." And like if I would cry "tears," I would cry "real tears." LOL!

I saw you cry once. There were no tears. Only squeaks. I think your mables needed oil.

So in other words, you HEARD me cry.

Just sayin'.

I heard you cry but I didn't have my eyes closed or my back to you so I saw you too.

I hope I put on a good show. Once in a while I successfully impersonate "human emotions."

Dr. Soong did a good job on your emotion chip.

Now there is geek for you.

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