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(I have nothing to add, really. I just like yelling SHARAPOVA!)

So because I live below the belt of this great earth, apparently i don't get to watch tennis... ever. Well maybe i could if I paid for more channels. Anyhoo, I did see a highlight of prince charming looking rather like a ninja hopping around the court, am I wrong?
And also, did I catch highlights of much rudeness/too much attention to the dress (surprise) of miss giantess coming from the fans/announcers? Yeah I guess that never happens... she was wearing BRIGHT pink though.

Red, my dear. Scarlet red.

Although, admittedly, her dress is borderline RIDICULOUS.

Whaterrrr, she looks hot.

And yes, prince charming is the new prince of darkness for the US Open night matches. What is it about the US Open that brings out the disastrous in otherwise spot-on people? Eh. I'll cover that ground tomorrow...

I am very very far away from the US open, but it sure as hell looked like bright ass pink on my 'tele' (not phone, but vision) ;)

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