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I guess the cable guy showed up.


No tennis channel, though. We ordered the wrong package. Good thing ESPN2 is rather on-the-ball this week. We'll see how the weekend coverage is--that's where they usually falter.

today i saw a whole rack of crumpets at the grocery store and had to take a closer look. what are crumpets exactly? it looked like what us 'MERicans would call an engish muffin...

Wikipedia says they're almost exactly like English Muffins: "The crumpet is circular in shape (usually; long and square varieties also exist) and has a distinctive flat top covered in small pores. It has a resilient, slightly spongy texture and a rather bland flavour which, when eaten hot with a topping (usually butter), together make crumpets crisp on the outside and very succulent on the inside. They differ from the English Muffin, which is cooked on both sides, in that the dough is usually more moist to start with, so that a muffin ring may be required to hold the batter's shape."


thanks carl :D
oh liz, lighten up, this blog could use some english tea cuisine talk. lol.
ok no blog really needs that.

er i mean karl...

K, fine. Don't you remember I used to eat crumpets when you lived with me? They're... yeah, they're lacier English muffins, LOL.

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