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Comments forgotten

I saw the vicious hawks play in the MN - or did you forget the incessant texting and the phone call with nothing but ferocious eagle playing in the BKG?

Peace sista,

Oh yeah, and K_rel saew them in the SF......dude.........

plus K_rels is ats my placejustnow.

I was bullying the Chicago kiddies, dear! And I was DRANK blogging! C'mon!

Thanks for supporting our Madison sisters. I'm living vicariously through them on this tour and hope to find another band that isn't afraid to drive more than five minutes to a show. Sorry we didn't make it out this summer. Someday I'll visit the Pacific North West when you are living in Chicago.

I'm with you on the points of opinion with the coke, except for the giant cokehead sister part, I don't have one of those. Also, spanx for the drunken chat, it was marv and amusing :D smoochie smooch!

I know: excuses excuses, but I did try to go see them...just it was the wrong day and then on the right day I had to wake up for work at some dumb single-digit AM hour! The other time they played ON EASTER SUNDAY (or maybe it was THANKSGIVING WEEKEND). You know I don't do concerts on Baby-Jesus days.

Does it count that I listened to their songs on MySpace like three or four times?


Aight, whaterrr, I fail.


My fun genes have been downregulated.

I'm just being a bully, Krausy-Kraus. I know you're just too cool for all them flannel-wearin', grunge-listenin', espresso slingin' losers from the PNW.

Re: Coke--YEEEah, I won't. Ever. That's not even a question. It just stikes me as kind of grammy/toddler-ish that I will not even consider, and have not ever considered, ever touching the stuff, evereverever, and it's like morning coffee for a lot of folks. I guess I like my crazy more laid-back.

Frostface, is downregulated like on sale? Like on the clearance rack? ;)

How do you pronounce "PNW"? I'm hoping it's like "pnew". That would be rad.

Also agreed on the coke. I think it was custom-engineered to produce exactly the kind of person I think is an asshole.

It's pronounced "Pacific Northwest."

And re: the coke, I couldn't have put it better myself. As a matter of fact, I didn't.

here's me being a real downer: at the hospital, when someone under the age of, oh, say 55 years old, comes in with a heart attack, the first thing we think of is cocaine.

i think i used way too many commas.

Downer, ha! The irony! (Get it everybody, DOWNER?! Cocaine? GET IT?)

I think the number of commas is fine, though if I took the time to look closely I might question the placement. Eh...nope, on second thought I probably wouldn't.

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