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oh poor leezard :( being a crip sucks, especially with good weather :( you could come here and sit, it's getting colder so sitting on your arse sounds like a better idea. i could make you a flat white (with soy) :D sorry to hear about your pain, but.......KITTY!!!! I like kitties and want one, but my body may be even more allergic to kitties than it is of itself.

Oh yeah and KITTY!

Today it feels a tad better already, like I just pulled or stretched something. It hurts only a little when I walk, hurts I lot when I simulate rolling it again, but it's already less swollen. Still hurts all the way up the side of my leg, but doesn't that suggest to you that I just pulled a tendon or some shit when I turned it over??? Eh?? My doctor appears to be off saving lives, do I have any general experts in the house??

...yooou raaang?

hi liz, sorry i've been MIA, looks like ye old loose ankle joint has come back with a vengeance.

do you wear a brace when you play tennis? kind of sounds like you should consider it. is it the same ankle you always turn? seriously, a brace would help a lot. that, or hi-tops. i had a similar problem in h.s. and wore an ankle brace for a while.

as for now, ibuprofen is ok but just don't go higher than the maximum recommended dose per day, since it can wreak havoc on the stomach and kidneys. if your leg doesn't feel a little better soon i would suggest making an appointment to see a sports medicine doc. they may also be able to give you some recommendations on how to prevent further ankle injury.

let me know how things go.

fyi, the acronym is RICE. which is rum, ice, coke, and ESPN2.


RICE. Lol. See folks, he's helpful AND witty.

It's usually my knees or back that get me down, but I guess now my ankle is officially janky. A brace, huh? What, are you trying to turn me into a nerd? Kidding. I'd do the brace before the hightops, though.

Today I can walk pretty much normally, but if I simulate rolling her over ever so slightly, she hurts. So I know I KNOW I know I know I KNOW, I shouldn't do that. Really the side of my leg hurts worse than the ankle itself. However, I've decided that I won't "need" a doctor until next fall when I don't have to pay for it myself.

More importantly, check out my girl in her first ever French Open semi!

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