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Seriously Ebeff, should teaching not pan out, you could always pursue a career covering tennis. Your write-ups are AWESOME!

I'm not entirely sure I like your tone, but I'll decide to consider that as genuine career advice and say THANK YOU! I WOULD LOVE TO DO NOTHING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE BUT WRITE ABOUT TENNIS!!!! seriously!!

HOWever, I have nothing to report at present because a) I've been touring the PNW all weekend with an out-of-town guest, and b) most French Open matches have been rained out.

Also, I made a boo-boo up yonder: it's not Chakvedatze out for the tournament, it's Zvonereva. I mix up my up and coming Russians--too many to keep track. Chakvedatze's the one I really like, and she be in. YAY!

I meant my comment in the most flattering tone possible. Seriously, I only understand about half of what you write (you could knock that up a few percentage points by tossing in some Martina Hingis references every once-and-a-while) but I thoroughly enjoy reading every word.

That, dear Ebeff, is what makes a good sports blogger. And, like it or not, you is a damn good sports blogger.

tee hee, you're a sports blogger. on a french open note: ohhhh A-Rod... what have you done... :-/

Seriously, right? I watched that match though, and i think that Andreev guy could have taken down just about anyone that day. By the third set he had like 56 winners or some such shit. His forehand was just dialed the eff in, and Roddick wasn't playing badly, per se--just not good enough.

The commentaters were saying that most people thought Andreev would win. Roddick sucks on clay with his flat shots and his power game. Kind of like Sharapova.

You know I used to absolutely detest a-rod? Now I absolutely heart him.

Thanks for the sport-blogging head pats! I heart me some tennis blogging.

I did make a forehead reference above--she's not in this tournament. Also, see the "Confidential to Aaron" at the bottom of this post.

That pic still makes me giggle.

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