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that is the most inhumane use of a colander I have ever seen.

I'm not sure it's real. A) Assuming that there's only one firing of the slingshot, you should have expected to see video cameras in more shots; and B) there doesn't really seem to be a mechanism by which the squirrel sets off the trap. Also C) people fucked up enough to film themselves killing animals have generally moved on to humans by the time they're old enough to handle video editing software.

A) I assume there's more than one. B) If you watch closely (the higher quality version was better for this), especially right at the beginning, you can see someone with a clippers cutting the line holding the colainder back--you can also hear them laughing, even through the shitty Jane's Addiction. C) DON'T TELL ME THE SQUIRRELS DIED! I CAN'T HANDLE THAT!

Here's the thing: Someone willing to do that to a defenseless squirrel are THIS close to doing it to a cute little cat or puppy. That's like some sociopathic stuff right there in that clip.

Might be mean but there are worse things they could have done.

Yeah. They could have put your puppy in that catapult.

If it meant that she would get to chase the squirrel she might be all for it. She likes to terrorize squirrels. Or maybe I like her to terrorize squirrels.

I wouldn't worry about the squirrel being dead. They are well "adapted" (I hate that word) to tree life and tree life can lead to the occasional fall. I've seen it happen. Velocity toward the ground shouldn't be more than if the squirrel fell out of a tree. Hopefully there were no objects in it's path (then the velocity parallel to the ground might be important too).

Even if Mr. Squirrel (let's give him an identity, huh?) is not dead, he's surely terrified, hehehe. Poor squirrels.

Adapted, huh? Ooo oo oo! Word nerd stuff! Why do you hate the word adapted? Because it implies agency on the squirrel's part? Becaus it sounds purposeful? OO oo oo elaborate I'm a nerd.

I don't really had the word adapt. I just don't like what it can imply. See criticism section here....

Damn! I was hoping for some halfway irrational explanation.

Like how I hate the word "frame." As in "I don't know how to frame this question." People who say that shit ALWAYS know how to frame their questions, because they go about framing them for twenty minutes before asking the eventual question.

I also hate "unpack" as in "let's unpack these terms." Shudder.

BTW: Emily did find something way worse than the squirrel-a-pult.

Oooo... yes. Ish. They found the killer by the by. ::Shudder::

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