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And people say you're not sensitive? I've always known better.

I am surprised to see that my moving back to Portland didn't make the list of things that break your heart about this move (although I probably should be glad that it didn't make the list of things that make you excited to leave).

You're on to great things and academic celebrity. I look forward to being one of your many hanger-oners. (How the hell do you spell that? Am I remotely close?)

I don't know if any of the above qualifies me as "sensitive." Maybe disqualifies me as "robotic and unfeeling," hehehe. Bleep-blip.

I haven't finished my heartbreak list yet. Trust me darling dearie, you're already on it, and it will only grow longer as my departure date nears. Hopefully I'll keep the blog's sap-content low, but that doesn't mean the ice around my heart is thickening.

I think it's hangers-on. Maybe. I like hanger-oners better. Congratulations on your decision. That's the hard bit. You will find ways to deal with the concequences (of all ilks) and it will make you more you. Just put the coffee in the microwave.

P.S. I would have gone with "hangers-on." Like "attorneys general." But I'm a poser like that.

:::quits eyeing Northwestern, tucks away bike chain:::

Microwaving room-temperature coffee, and tucking away the bike chain: two apt metaphors for life.

just because you are not moving to milwaukee does not mean you shouldn't be cheerin' for the brew crew. after all, miller park will just be a hop skip and a jump away. but i guess i will allow you to enjoy the cubs (look at me, all of a sudden I like baseball??)

Yeah, you know, it's all like, put the coffee in the microwave, man! Put the bike chain away! Pet the kitty, man! Yeah!

What was that? Some hippy...

Bleep-blip-bleep midwest?

Indeed! Bleep blip bleep flat cold land better for my wheels. BLEEP bleep meep blip blip meep

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