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I like your tone. Nay, love it.

My problem now is a general, slow-burning rage that we're not seeming to do more than pledges. Now, not "we" as in "you", but "we" as in "pro-choicers/progressives/liberals/human beings/what have you". You know, when Bush nominated these two jerkfaces for the court - Roberts and Alito - I remember distinctly taking part in conference calls with other bloggers and the leaders of groups like People for the American Way and NARAL. I thought so much was going to happen, that we'd mount a real fight. Sadly, and in decisions like yesterday's, it didn't happen.

It's clear that this court and the Republicans won't rest until women are pushed well past second-class citizenship and into an unnecessary grave. The moral of news like yesterday's: You fuck, you die. What to do now? I'm not sure. But damn it, what we've done so far has done shit.

I need to cool off, obviously.

PS: Listening to the Alberto Gonzales testimony is not going to help that happen.

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