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Your list still omits beer beer beer fucking beer.

-Still actually Karl

That's technically a "con." Because it's "crappy beer, crappy beer, crappy-appy beer," PLUS the whole city smells like "yeast yeast yeasty yeast."

it is right here

oh and ...
sorry miss elizaturd, but this counters your retort to karl.
(yes, i realize it is only one delicious brewery compared to the bazillions out there)

Lakefront is pretty good beer.

The whole leaving stuff sucks, but it's not really specific to where you're moving. You could shorten your cons list by eliminating the things that are generally related to moving.

But but but BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT it would SO help if I were moving somewhere that I a) liked, b) had friends, c) had always fantasized about moving to. Somewhere, like, oh, I dunno CHICAGO.

Stupid stupid stupid life.

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