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that we have in common (both the redface at angry emails and the champ at winning arguments part). yeah, teaching undergrads is fun. what you aren't telling us is how often you have one of your students hit on you, now that part is always fun :/

LOL, yeah, this term was extra special: a poetry student handed me an envelope which I forgot to open for almost a week, then finally discovered that it contained four pages of his fucking diary. What dude keeps a diary? Anyhoo, there was lots about lights and eyes and blinding and revelation and empowerment and beauty and all.

I can hardly blame them, I am quite irresistible.

Yes to the angry emails and hot faces, and also the wasted hours of rehearsing what I'm going to say when we sit down to have the argument, usually ending with something like, "If you'd put half the effort of fighting this grade into your actual work, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now."

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