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Sorry. But no matter what, you're still the champ!


Take care.


[still not talking about it]

Firstly: I'm sorry.

Secondly: Who do I need to whip with my bikechain? I need names.


Thanks, team. I forwarded "the email" to my recommendees, and they responded to it much differently than i did--they insist being "an alternate" is not the same as being straight-up rejected, so I shouldn't quite despair--yet. I just have to hope that everyone who got in before me also got into Harvard, so they'll turn down [institution in question] and leave the door open for me.

So do keep the bike chains in the holster, but don't put them away just YET.

This may sound like one of those annoying "I know someone who..." stories that friends offer friends in tough times, but no joke, I know two people who were waitlisted for pretty competitive programs only to eventually be given the green light.

Not saying it will happen but if it doesn't, my bike chain is hungry and those meatbags in [institution's name withheld to protect the innocent] admissions are pretty tasty lookin'.

Either way: YOUR THE CHAMP!!!

Yeah, no anecdotes, just a restatement that you're the champ.

Thanks again, team "Pat ThElizabeff On the Head." I appreciate your support, be it in the form of sweet little emailes or offers of retaliatory violence. For serious.

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