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Speaking as an American who shares a name with a Scandinavian mythological figure, that's not funny.

"AND I'm going to get like eight Thors/mothers of Thors/friends of thors surfing in here through some lame google search being all like, "waaaaah I have sand in my vagina!" To which I will reply, "VASELINE!""

I am very hungover, so my judgement might not be the best, but this is quite possibly the funniest sentence I've ever read.


Do you believe in VASELINE!?!

um, didn't you have a guinea pig named thor?

Yes I DID... because the name Thor is Hi-Larious.

Also, Thor was a girl. In other words:

Female pet rodent + name of Thor = DOUBLE HILARITY!

ahhhhh I'm going to kill myself.

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