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You live an exciting life, my girl. Puts me to shame. Welcome back to the Internet world. I've sure missed you. Frequent postings will resume, I assume. (catch that fancy rhymn?)

Okay, so I'm back here to demand that idiots who e-mail to complain are made to publicly suffer some of your hi-larious barbs.

It's only fair.

Also, maybe I'm misunderstanding your post, but if anyone remotely connected to The Book of Joe is calling your blog chaotic or unfocused they need to do a pot color-check before they get on the kettle's case.

Honestly, that site is like DIGG but with the double-spacing-tendencies of a high-school student stretching one page into five. I'm surprised that he didn't opt for a 32pt font.


Um, er... Joe himself is pretty rad, I mean, other than clearly wanting to bone my girl Maria for whom I harbor only maternal feelings. I told him about some of the random commenters, and he pretty much said, "yeah, some of my readers are like that." Fair enough. *I'm* a much bigger jerk than any of them, I just keep it out in the open.

I'm so glad you like my barbs, because they stick out all over me. You see the one where I was all "I know how doods stick together, you know, like clay in a piss-filled litter box!" OH, SNAP!

Okay, so it sounds like I mis-read the complaint. Still, I stand by my petty complaints about "The [Large Print] Book of Joe."

Oh yeah, and I also think grown-men playing video games is both kinda lame and something I wish I could do.

I get dizzy just watching sue me. And I just cheat at Grand Theft Auto so where's the fun?

That said, I do kinda want on of those Nintendos so I can play Tetris or Mario Bros or whaterrr.

Maybe I'll get an iPod and just surrender.

Yeah, it's just a handful of Book of Joe's readers who can't handle my "astringent" tone, apparently. You know what, I really love that adjective. Astringent. It suits me, really. Caustic would work, too. Bitchy.

Playstation is lame. Like I said before, if you contradict me, I will hunt you down and bleach you. To death. I will. I love bleach so much I lost two or three layers of the skin on my hands. Bleach. Mmm. Bleach.

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