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Daaaaaang Yo Butt Is Poopy


Do You Bereave In Pranets

Drink your Breakfast--it's proper.

You're hilarious! i miss you so much. (by the way, that's not my "new blog name" suggestion, I'll get back to you)


Oh, how I miss breakfast club! Oh, how I miss defending your decisions not to date any of my friends! Oh, little jane-babe!

Come to Madison this weekend. Come Sunday and hang out with me Sunday night. Pweeeeeez.

Um, this is really hard. Are you sure you want to do this?

Doctor YB's Internet practiced.

That's why I'm making y'all do the work for me.

Ready go.

"Double Yes, Because It's Positive"

"Do You Believe In Punctuation." Be sure to improperly terminate the sentence with a period or exclamation point. So what it violates your rule. Rules suck.

"Demand Your Be-heading Is Prompt"

"Defy Your Biology, Ingest Poison."

Also, I saw your baby-boy on Damen last night. Like that means anything to anyone.

Did You Bring Internet Porn?

Dashing Young Bunnies in Pasties.

Drink Yer Booze in Papercups.

Destroy Your Barn Immediately, Please.

Don't You Bring It, Percival!

Dipshits Yell Because It's Perfunctory

Dude, Your Bird Is Pretty.

Dang, Yo! Bush Is President?!?

Didn't You Believe In Pluto?


Dance You Bitches, It's Portland!

Damn bitches those are good ideas what it is bitches

Okay, now you're gonna have to decide which one to choose. Or come up with more--maybe you'll really knock one outta the park and make the decision easy.

"Defining Your Belief In Perfection"

"Didn't Yeats Begin In Pre-Med?"

"Doing Yoga Better Instead of Poorly"

"Does Your Beard Imply Professionalism?"

Who is my baby-boy? I don't even know if that was addressed to me. But I'm really curious now.


P.L.U.T.O of course.

(sent here by BOJ).

I welcome you and your ideas--but that's one's been suggested. Try harder!

Do You Blog In Pyjamas?

Did yesterday's blues inspire Pandemonium?

Dig, Yoric Before I Pander.

Duck, your bottom is puddled.

Dudley yields buttons in Peoria

Do You blow insignificant puffballs?

Do Your Best in Pieces

Dapper Young Brits In Prison

Drowning your beliefs in purgatory.

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