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Christ, the only thing that graphic is missing is a fighter plane, an Iraqi insurgent, President Bush, one of John Roberts's children, the Runaway Bride, that meth lady from Georgia and Natalee Holloway. Extra credit for biohazard or radioactive symbols, a cross and/or an eagle.

I think there should be a light, scarcely detectable sketching of a toilet bowl around the swirlie-swirl.

Yep. For sure. And I forgot a baby Jesus, too.

Without a doubt, we're in a golden age of graphic design.

Shee-it. There's a evangelical-type church not far from here; I pass it every day on the way to work. They have a two-sided sign that has, at last check, an American flag as the backdrop, in front of that a bald eagle and a cross (and maybe something else) and the words, big and bold, PRAY. Looking at what's going on in the world – and if I were a religious man – I'd argue that praying is about the only hope we've got left.

On the selfish side, as a designer it pains me to see garbage like this stuff.

Oh and that church, I just remembered, great member of the community they are ... they had a VOTE NO sign out recently against a school's levy.

"Payback is a bitch". This from a government that ARMED the Osama bin Laden & the Mujahdeen to fight the Soviets in 1979/80.

Irony, I liked you better when you weren't the basis of US Foreign policy.

And those planes, carriers, subs and inflatable rafts were photographed on their way from Afghanistan to Iraq.

Spine: I think you just demonstrated that beyond all doubt the above graphic is not, in fact, the worst ever.

Because the first one was so popular; get ready for The Sequel

:::sound of crickets reading my comments; laughing:::

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