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Looking at the photos, I think that pitbull statement may have been literal. But to you I say: No shit! Membership sure has its privileges, doesn't it? I hear that Bush is set to nominate cocaine to be his new drug czar.

I am automatically suspicious of anyone who is praised using the following formula: "He/She's a [breed of dog] in [size/type of shoes]".

Call me old school, but the only acceptable formulation is "She's a bitch on wheels".

True dat.

But for some reason, your comment put into my head, "What if I were Roooooomeo in black jeans?..."

Thank you for that.

What if I were Heathcliff it's no myth...

Until I read Wuthering Heights, I thought Michael Penn was singing about the cat.

Either way, very good song.

Am I the very last one to realize that he's related to Sean and Chris? And I like that song, too. That song is a Neopolitan Mastiff in a pair of size 13 Air Force Ones.

Joy and I used to sing that song while we were paddling a canoe.

Yes, I've just given up entirely on pretending not to be a fucking loser.

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