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RE: London. Don't worry about the flat. But, if you do quit, I expect you to be there.

I'm so sad.

Buck up lil camper. Maybe your boss will die and then you can come to London.

well, i'm not sure where I stand on London either. but yesterday i was standing in the 'career' section of borders for an hour. Somehow I felt like I was in the self-help section. I also told the guy who works down the hall who I see smoking that I was looking for a job. Really I'm done with the post college thing. I get it, it sucks. Thanks. I'm ready to go back. Wanna join?

Except I have like five bosses. I can only think of one way for them all to die: the building burns down. But then I would die too, an event which would also prevent me from coming to London.

I supposed maybe they could all get mad cow disease from one of the meat sub sandwhich things they get for the whole firm every friday. I would escape death because I'm a vegetarian. And it would serve them right for not ordering any veggie subs.

The only problem is, that would hurt EVERYONE in the firm, not just my bosses.

On the other hand, there is no problem. BRING ON THE MAD COWS.

:::Points sternly at Srah:::

You are going to London and you are going to like it!

:::crosses arms:::

ThE: What about YOU kill, kill them with kindness I mean.

And by kindness I mean an unregistered pistol.

You do the A=B, B=C legwork; I've got an alibi.

Now that ain't right. Sorry to hear it. How about a new and improved job? I worked at a big ol' law firm in downtown PDX; maybe they need some fresh meat, I mean talent.

Or, you could keep blogging about your job and get canned for it. That seems to be the thing these days.

And the student section begins to chant "QUIT! QUIT! QUIT!"

I applied for a new job yesterday. I'd be one of my friend's underlings, which would be strange, but my yearly salary would be +$6,000 what it is now, I'd have no "boss" per se, and I could wear jeans to work every day.

In other news, I am truly fuckin' boring.

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