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are you watching right now? did you see sharapova? are you watching williams versus williams? jeezus them some big legs

Hells yes, I gotta get a new TV with a bigger screen to accomodate them thighs! My Maria hasn't had a good matchup yet. But damn, she wasted that cute little nose-ring chick in short order. I was impressed with her opponent's (Miza's?) forehand, but she gots lead feet under her.

Williams vs williams is boring me. Plus I still kind hold knocking Sharapova out of Wimbledon against Venus. Gonna go play me some o' my own (awful, terrible) tennis.

This is Thelizabeth: Sporty talk, sporty talk, blah blah blah.

No forehead has ever/will ever surpass the glory that was/is Martina Hingis.


Not even the kid from Mask.

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