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oh yeah, that sania mirza girl: i like her. she shows promise. plus, she's asian AND sports a nose ring. HOLLA

I think she's a cocky little shit, but yeah, I kinda like her. She'll never win slams unless she learns to move them feets, though.

Tennis players I've liked over time:

1. The Baumer
2. Arthur Ashe
3. Pete Sampras
4. Lindsay Davenport
5. Martina Navratilova

You can't lump the men and women together like that. You just---can't.

BTW, I listed them in order of their current ranking, not in order of how much they rule.

My listmaking was a rapid-fire attempt to avoid the conspicuous quadruple comment posting that plagued the blogosphere earlier this year. I put the women on there because women's tennis, no matter how you slice it, is and has been for quite some time infinitely more interesting than men's tennis. And this isn't coming from the looks perspective, it's coming from the better athletes and better storylines perspectives.

And by the looks comment, I'm trying to show that I'm not some Kournikova gawker posing as a women's tennis fan.

Martina FUCKING Hingis!

Respect the forehead.

Also, the Williams sisters were cool (Venus in particular) until their attitude became the attraction and their skills couldn't keep up. It was sad, like watching the 'Roe holler and fuss over a point and then serve it straight into the net. All bark, no bite...and no forehead.

Hingis just always had the same look on her face that I do when it's too sunny out and I'm squinting.

I also tend to root against people and for others in particular situations; for instance, I used to like to root for Tim Henman during Wimbledon.

I agree that women's tennis is way more interesting right now. When it comes to men's tennis, I'm pretty damn fickle. I used to HATE Roddick, now I like him. I once thought he was a cocky little shit--that gesture where he pulls up the shoulder of his shirt--I thought that was attitude. Turns out he's freeing up the movement in his shoulder. And he's a gracious winner AND loser, says things like "I really want a beer" after getting his butt whipped in the WImbledon final. Then today, I can't stand Ginepri, but I rooted for him because I more strongly dislike Coria. And I didn't even know who Blake was, but he upset Nadal and now I heart him.

I'm probably a bona fide poser, but I gots the love for the posing.

Re: Kourninkova: Never won a grand slam. Hasn't been ranked above like #70 since 2003.

dude! i wrote some long comment offering extra commentary on your top ten + #12... but it go bye bye. oh well.


gimme condensed version.

did you just see that? dementieva just CLEANED davenport in that first set. ouch.


1. davenport: hard not to like. a player's player. the polar opposite of the tall blonde beautiful russian tennis player. she was hot shit back when i played competitive tennis (like, ten years ago). ergo = OLD.
2. sharapova (girl i'd like to know ya): who doesn't love her, honestly. and as stated before: grunts and game face = monica seles. she was the original hard court monster.
3. amelie: haven't seen many of her matches. her movie was cute though.
4. clijsters: the badass belgian. her "official website" logo is a silhouette image of her doing the splits. she's like air jordan, but in a skirt. and white.
5. kuznetsova: echo the disappointment in the ddefending champ being eliminated in the first round. and it wasn't even a close match.
6. dementieva: dude. DUDE. those arms. SERIOUSLY. biceps! mmm love it.
7. justine h-double: pass
8. serena: beast. i prefer venus.
9. petrova: god there are so many russians on the circuit. they're like the koreans in the LPGA. it's like they're multiplying.
10. venus: i like her WAY better than serena. her thighs are smaller, for one. less mannish, for two. that is, compared to serena.
12. mary pierce has been a cuckoo for like the last decade. her dad's a cuckoo too, and was her coach for a while, i believe. but i do like her. i personally have sentimental favor for any pros that are still playing (competitively) since i used to play.

lindsay looks pretty worn right now. but you can see the experience/sun exposure carved into her face. i would definitely be afraid of her on the court.

Yeah, saw that. Have you noticed how low Dementieva gets on her groundstrokes? And sometimes she does this backwards jerk thing, like someone just jumped out of a birthday cake midcourt and that someone ain't too pretty.

My response to your response:
1) yeah.
2) Lots of announcers don't like her. I know she's got an albatross around her neck with Wimbledon, #1, and all the promos, but she plays so gracefully that it's just fun to watch, even wwhen she loses. Her tantrums are even graceful. And she hasn't let fame convince her to dress ridiculously (a la Williams sisters). AND even though her backhand is strong, sometimes she actually switches to her left hand to reach for a ball. HARDCORE.
3) During the series saw a great match between her and Justine H-H. Two one-handed backhands battling it out is pretty sweet.
4) yeah.
5) yeah.
6) Nyeh. I got room on my plate for two Russians: one I heart (Maria) and one I hate (Petrova). NO more room on plate for Russians.
7) C'mon, she scrappy.
9) Did you see Petrova take out that 16 year-old Czeck? It was like battle of the bratty princesses.
10) figure. skater. dress.
12) She's adorable. And crazy as hell.

Damn! Davenport just served an ace on second serve!

My response to both of your responses:


WHOOOOAAAA dementieva!!! ok liz, you're on. you be sharapova and i'll be dementieva. i mean i'll cheer for her. that'll be my russian.

even though i CAN NOT help loving sharapova. because in the end, she's really damn good.

now what about this agassi vs blake matchup? i know blake's your boy, but agassi is SUCH a sentimental star. come on, man, i had the first edition of agassi's nike tennis shoes (with the gaudy rainbow tie-dye -- i was like 13). on the other hand, gotta love it when a black man (even a half black man) makes a name for himself on the centre court.

You also can't discount Blake's utterly smoking hotness from the equation. Then again, Agassi's got charm.

blake = common (the rapper, not the quality)

Um. That just went totally over my head.

the rapper
the quality

did it hit your head yet?


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