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liz, go see an orthopedist. you might need some schoulder arthroscopy, clean some of that schmutz out thats making your shoulder grindy and crackly. they may be able to help you out with your back also.

are you taking any medications for the pain? taking some ibuprofen or some other mild pain reliever may be a good idea - it will help you walk normal and thereby relieve some of the extra stress your non-back muscles have been receiving.

are you sure you strained your trapezius? jesus.

yoga for flexibility. it may help with the ape-shit thing as well.

Aww, thanks doc. But please, such technical language! Schmutz?

I don't have health insurance for another week and a half. So I don't know my trapezius is "strained". I know it all hurty and weak.

For the back, I called PSU's health service and they told me to compress-rest-ice-ibuprofen, so that's how I do. Hence the flurry of blog activity, because me no worky. But watching this much tennis when you're body is this mad at you is depressing. Especially after the secret Vicadin stash runs dry.

schmutz=debris, i.e. torn cartilage, lil' chunks o bone, calcifications that have since eroded. we all have it. i'm sure both my knees have it, since they snap crackle and pop whenever i do a full bend. you just might have some in a bad spot thats making your shoulder hurt. possibly right in the joint space - glenohumeral or acromioclavicular. hopefully its not rotator cuff.

and not that i think you'd get this out there, but you can relive your college football days - badgers are playing temple right now. come on, remember when you used to paint your face red and wear your "fuck ohio state" shirt? you were an animal.

DUDE. You are watching football??? Agassi is playing Ginepri, helloooooooooo??? Did you watch Agassi and Blake???

So to get all the schmutz out, they'd have to operate on it, right? Personally, I think my shoulder just has a bad case of "sucks."

i was watching both. mostly the tennis, because wisconsin was beating temple like 63-0 or something.

yes i watched agassi and blake, until i fell asleep sometime during the 5th set because i had to wake up at like 5am.

now i'm watching federer and hewitt. and they totally called him "head and shoulders above the rest" again.

and yes, to remove schmutz, you must operate. but its an arthroscopy. they make a small slit and put in a camera and do it that way. you end up with a few stitches, that's all.

They rebroadcast the last two sets of the Agassi-Blake match and I recorded them because I am a hopeless loser.

My parents were at that UW game and kept sending me texts updating me on the ridiculous score.

I don't wanna see Hewitt just lay down. At least push it to four sets, man.

That "head and shoulders" crap is Mary Carillo's mantra. Man-tra, get it?

That match today (Agassi) was so much fun to watch, made even more enjoyable thanks to Notre Dame beating Michigan and my alma mater, Ohio University, shocking Pitt last night in front of a home record. Late night calzoning and merriment followed. This weekend is record-setting. ThE, with injuries like that, you're clearly a 63-year-old Teamster just posting with those pictures of a pretty woman, right? I hope you're feeling better.

lleyton ain't no laydown this afternoon. looks like federer is tiring (tiring being a relative term in this case). it'd be fun to watch hewitt take this one - sounds like the crowd (and nicole kidman) is (are?) behind him.

in other news, thanks to all these SPROTS i haven't left the house in like 5 hours. ugh.

Yeah, this match went and got good. What's with all the foot faults? Are they just picking on Lleyton?

Re: not leaving house, tell me bout it. A friend came over to watch the Agassi-Ginepri match, and I really wish we'd gone and done something during this one, then I could come back for the women's final. Instead he went to his gym to work out like a worthwhile human being while gimpy stayed home to lay on an ice pack in front of the TV.

federer wins again, ho fucking hum.

there's still a couple of hours before the women's final right? or an hour and a half. maybe you should take a peeksy outside, gimpy. its good for the lungs.

I'm o-u-t! Like, in the backyard, with the cat. woo.

praise be the wireless internets

this is ridiculous. every european/asia/south american/austrailian/african/antartican in the stadium is garfing at this very moment. garf.

if you were talking about that wtf performance of the america song, i 100% agree. at first i started laughing, which was a near disaster, since i was eating pasta at the time.

i hope clijsters cleans out pierce.


me too.

"she's got some pop on her balls"

ahhhhhahhahahahah i'm such a child

I just missed like two games because a friend called to offer zero sympathy and to bully me and my broken spine into drinking and to insist that it was "cute" but "lame" that I'm sitting at home alone watching the match. "What, you like tennis?"

it's not lame, it's NECESSARY. unless you go to a sports bar, not that i can think of any sports bar i've ever been to that puts tennis on the big screen, let alone women's tennis.

looks like clijsters is cleaning house...

...shocking no one.

Drinky time.

dude. clijster's mom is a total hottie.

I heard that!

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