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I yank my skirt up to my chin and stare at my crotch in amazement.


Actually, there's no synchronized swimming going on down there. Or so I hope.

In regards to your response to question #16: Even though I was thoroughly entertained by your suggestion the other night, it will not be appearing on the back of my nano. Too wordy. Apple wants everything that needs to be said done so in 46 characters or less. (That includes spaces).

*GASP!!!* Jane babe! Sweet, sweet Jane babe! I forgive you for not preserving my genius on the back of your Nano, but only because you finally commented to my blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my FAVORITE lurker.

Ugh, lurker sounds so creepy. I prefer curious, like a kitten...

Lurker sounds so creepy because you ARE kind of creepy. But creepy in a totally adorable way.

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