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LOL! That looks like one mean cat! Did you know that they spell possum without the first O here... yeah that's right possum, no silent o.

I always thought they were different animals.

Opossums and NZ Possums, I mean.

Em, do you ever remember me beating you with a roll of paper towels after you layed down on my bed one morning and woke me up? Because for some reason I have that memory stuck in my head lately, but I can't figure out why I would have had paper towels in my bed. Anyway, sorry if I really did beat you.

Ebeater - I think they were in your room, after a recent trip home or something. You probably just reached over and and grabbed them (you know cuz your bed was on the floor and all) and started beating me with them. It was fun to scurry into your room in the morning and then jump over you into your bed, then casually look over at you and ask, "what are you doing?"

K, I thought they were just different species of the same genus... turns out they just resemble each other. who knew? apparently you did. hey man, I'm a plant scientist, not an aminal scientist! jeesh.

Eh, as far as I'm concerned all marsupials are kangaroos.

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