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I'm okay with this. Safin is my favorite mens tennis player.

And to add to the hilarity of somebody sitting in the corner doing work while you stand and yell at the TV, well, you forgot to mention it's the ultimate sports viewing entertainment system this side of the Mississippi: a 13-inch TV/VCR with rabbit ears.

I wish I could come, breakfast sounds great.




The boyfriend speaks! Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing Jamey H. Voss's first ever comment on DYBIP! HOLY CRAP!

But actually I'm streaming the match through, smart-ass. Because my rabbit-ears don't pick up NBC at all.

You'd better get to work--there's about five years' worth of reading for you to catch up on now that you've taken this sudden interest in my interwebs persona. YOU'VE NEVER REALLY KNOWN THE REAL ME!!!

Of course breakfast sounds great. I make a wicked-ass strata and you know it.


Hi Jamey!11

GAWD Sarah. I put all these hot hunks of steaming manmeat right up there for ya, and you STILL find a way to hit on my boyfriend.


ha ha ha! Hi Jamey!! ;) ;) ;)

Sorry Sarah, Jamey must be eating a burrito right now.

So step off while you can. Before I punch you in the heart!

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