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Um, have you possibly considered that your departure from Chicago has sent the city into a downward spiral of self-destructive meteorological fits and possibly even alcoholism?

Huh? Have you? Just you wait and see, soon Chicago will be drunk-dialing you at 3am telling you it "neeeeds to see you" and that "it didn't know--didn't REALize--what it had 'til it was *hiccup* gone."

Hmm. I had not considered that. Frankly, I doubt I introduced Chicago to alcoholism. Or to, say, hostess snack-cake abuse, pork sausage overdose, ranch dressing addiction...

Still, I suppose it's possible Chicago had a large enough dose of me that now she's withdrawing. But I would suspect most of Chicago's drunk dials would consist of burping the alphabet while dropping the phone into a bowl of cheese and beer soup.

EXCUSE ME!!! I though we'd have pics of Brown by now. like 50 of them. What have you been DOING since you got to portland, settling in or something. geeez!

For the record, I sent kitty photos to Rah, and to Jenn. I forgot the cord that connects camera to computer, so the rest of you are just gonna hafta wait.

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