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who says we cant sit around a campfire holding umbrellas!?!?

Actually, the last time i went to this campground it did rain on us only we were in tents. YAY CABIN!!!

did i mention that its heated?

AND that i'm bringing some wine?

Here's the thing, tying both the photo and cabin story together: If you see an unmarked VHS tape at the cabin rental headquarters, DO NOT watch it. I busted a gut laughing at that photo.

Dude, I snorted like seven time--wiff tears--laughing at that photo. And then I did it all over again.


Weren't you all set to change the name of this blog a while ago? Soliciting new titles and all? When is that going to happen?

Also, I would like to tender a new suggestion:

"Dance, You Bitchass Internet Phonies!"

Normally I consider myself anti-lolcat, but this is not a cat, and it is funny:

Free Image Hosting at

Okay the image didn't post, which I should have expected. Here:

Now presumably Typepad thinks that I am a Bad Guy, because it is not letting me post the link. Does my history of posting to this blog without trying to link to a spamblog count for nothing? Anyway I am trying again.

Oh it went through the first time. Whoops.

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