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did you have to pay someone to allow you to take a picture with their baby? or is it one of those painted wooden boards you put your head through?

a message for KF: have you seen this?
I saw it last night at the grocery store and giggled out loud.

What do you have against family values, em oh lei? Can't the hubby and I take our little precious to the park for a sunny afternoon?

Later I did the ironing and made Reese a turkey pot-pie. Then I got drunk and stepped on the baby.

best mama evah!

I think you mean "Yes, that is a champagne bottle IN A PAPER BAG, in my hand."

tbeff...What you doin out the kitchen?

Em oh lei....will have to try that.

Reese done let me out to fetch us s'more Tang and Hamburger Helper...

I thought you'd be knocked up again already.....

GASP! The word is "preggers." Now where's my tab soda?

do you mean tab energy? deliciously pink, fuel to be fabulous. lots of great slogans there, the late nights at the add agency really paid off

Aaron stole my paper bag comment, dammit.

Sorry, Mary Mac. I still acknowledge that you are a) observant, and b) clever.

Speaking of you, are you being pursued around the city by Spanish lovers?

I am back home now and weeping profusely because Anchorage is not Barcelona.

In response to your inquiry, I can report that Spanish men are not only wildly good looking, but have great taste in women. I was very popular in spite of my repeated butchering of the Spanish language and haven't been hit on so many times since...well, since I stopped throwing out the vibe at all times.

Thanks for acknowledging that I am observant and clever. It means a lot.

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