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nice portrait session! i dig your locks :)

Thanks! Yeah, I'm a flaming redhead these days. Going a shade darker soon. Working my way gradually back to poop-brown.

Hee! Those kitties, they never look at the camera. Last night Per was trying to dicipline the fat sweet kitty and he kept saying, "Lily, look at me. Look at me!" and finally, "Lily, put your eyes on my face." As if he was talking to one of the kids he works with at the YMCA, and she totally did. He's the kitty whisperer. She also sits when he tells her.

It would be nearly impossible to get her to look anywhere but outside the window where I was standing. There's a) a tree that's always full of naughty birds that need scolding, and b) a neighbor's roof often visited by naughter squirrels who also need scolding.

Those paws over your arm. Oh man. Also, "naughter" is funny.

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