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Way more disturbing than fruit heads.

What fun! I made one too!

I agree with Karl on this one. But omg, that is hilarious and you look so pleased with yourself!

LOL, em oh lei you always read my worthless little mind like a traffic sign. I tried it with an "eyes looking at camera" shot and it just didn't achieve the same level of creepiness.

I think Karl's is spot on!!!

Sorry I may or may not have inadvertently deleted the one you sent my way on MySpace. Suffice it to say that after seeing what you've done so far with Jennifer, Karl, fruit-head, and yourself, I'm curious to see more from your robot oeuvre.


"Sorry I [blah blah blah]..."

Uh, all I hear is "I thought I didn't want it but now I want it MEEEE WWAAAAAAANT!"



If you delete this one, you don't get another, mister. Except for that one I just posted right up yonder there.

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