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Um, what is the "Gay Perry" thing that you just understood because I didn't know there was something to get - which makes me think I missed it.

Gay Perry. His name was Perry, he was gay. But it was a pun on "gay paris."

I just thought of another one, even though it isn't me. I was driving with one of my best friends from high school (this is just a couple years ago), and suddenly out of nowhere, she goes, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I get it! Let GO!" And I was like, "whaaaa?" She told me that she'd always been irritated by those "leggo my eggo" waffle commercials--just thought it was a stupid rhyme they made up that meant nothing. There we were, years later, and it was going through her head and--ding! the lights turned on!

Last year sometime I realized that the "never cross the streams" crap in Ghostbusters was a urination joke. It therefore follows by twenty-two years my first viewing of the movie, and by fifteen years my realization that "Gatekeeper" and "Keymaster" were references to genitalia.

I always thought the wham! lyrics to wake me up before you go go were, wake me up before you cocoa, like i want to have hot chocolate with you before you go. Mind you i was like 4 when that song came out, but it wasn't until I thought about that song and what the lyrics were in oh, high school, that i realized they were not singing about hot chocolate. not that this is a case of taking things the wrong way, just a little girl not being able to understand crazy george michael.

oooooh, pretty new look.

I had a similar childhood experience with Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean." I thought for years that he was giving the advice, "Don't go around breaking young girls' arms." Which made sense to me, especially considering I had a broken arm right around the time that song was popular, but it seemed like a rather obvious point to belabor.

Ohhh... a peeing joke. huh. I had no idea. I also felt incredibly enlightened the first time I watched Young Frankestein as an adult. "Great knockers!" being, of course, about Inga's tits. Duh.

Thanks for the clarification about Gay Perry. I missed it completely. And I teach critical thinking in college. Right. That's a good job for me.

When I was a kid I wanted to be like my cat, Oscar, who caught and ate mice all the time. I refused to eat anything that wasn't mouse. If my mom brought me out a turkey sandwich for lunch I would send it back in favor of a mouse sandwich. My mom, being a good sport, would walk into the kitchen and walk back out and present the sandwich as a mouse sandwich. I was a junior in college when it dawned on me that my mom hadn't been going inside and remaking my food with mice, but just told me that she had.

I like your new digs.

Wow, mary. Just, just--WOW. I don't know whether that's adorable or disgusting. And to think, that didn't make it onto your six oddities list? You're kookier than I gave you credit or (c;

I had a friend who thought she invented the phrase "Nana nana boo boo." And she had friend who thought she invented closing her eyes to go to sleep. Oh, and we're all named Emily.

I have never met an Emily without adorable quirks (c;

My dad and I were having a conversation about caviar and I said, So does beluga caviar have to come from beluga whales or can it come from some other kind? Then came the hardest pause in the history of Ann-Dad convos and then he patiently pointed out that whales are mammals, and not either of the two egg-laying varieties (spiny anteater and platypus), which I totally knew, but the neurons failed to fire.

Do I win? Do I win?


Honorable mention.


Second place.


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