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I miss being a more in-depth tennis fan after reading these. Men's players whose names I like to say:

1. Paradorn Srichaphan
2. Mark Philippoussis
3. Sebastien Grosjean
4. MaliVai Washington
5. Jonas Bjorkman

Well, most people, as they grow older, become more deeply involved in some cause or imporant issue, for example world hunger, campaign financing, or the atrocity known as chicken fries. Instead, I decided to get back into watching professional tennis obsessively and enjoy the fantasy world of magical people. Maybe you chose an "issue" or a "cause" or simply have "more constructive ways to spend your time."

Don't get me wrong. I love sports. Too much, probably. Tennis has been the one sport that I've that affair with yet have never progressed into total fandom. I don't know why, though; it's so fun to play and watch. Would you change anything about it to make it more accessible to people? If you were ATP commissioner, I mean. I don't know why people aren't more into it, really. It beats the shit out of NASCAR, that's for damn sure. I personally would rather watch it than hockey, too. Are you a player, too?


I watched that ALL THE TIME in London; here, it's never on TV.

Shoot and ski, shoot and ski, shoot shoot shoot, ski ski ski. What's not to like?!

Also, Agassi's drop shot is for reals!

That's the extent of my tennis comments. What to discuss Chicken Fries?

Am I a player? Hells yes. I also enjoy playing tennis. Although most of this summer, I haven't been able to serve (which is my best asset) because my shoulder is messed, and right now I'm not able to walk because my back is messed. Good good.

RE: interest--well, viewership for the US Open Series leading up to the NY tourny was up 35% this year. That's huge. I think the star power of people like Roddick and Sharapova has a lot to do with that. But I think a lot of people still consider tennis a stuffy sport--they associate it with spiffy white shorts and v-neck sweaters. Or, they've watched so little that it's hard to get into it becauase they don't understand what's going on other than women with huge thighs whacking the ball at each other. ALSO, because it's a sport a lot of high schools don't offer AND it's not a motorhead sport, a lot of people are just never exposed to it. My high school never had a team, but my dad played so he had my sister and I playing with big ass wooden rackets when we were little. I've never really improved from there, though.

If I could change one thing about tennis I'd change Mary Carillo. GOD she's unbearable.

Arron: For reals, did you watch Agassi and Blake last night? That was in-fucking-credible.

And for reals, "Shoot shoot shoot, ski ski ski, " LOL! OMG! ROFL!

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